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Papery dreams, it's fo' real.


Must be something nice




I have like 10 games I have to finish but I still play Animal Crossing all day


who cares about hashtags when there’s hashbrowns

new icon

i had to change it because the old icon’s colors were so ugly.



good night doodle for today

unrelated but thing from chalk art festival today.

i tagged the art on the square i drew on really huge with my tumblr username i kinda wished i hadn’t done that. i should of used instagram or something.

sketch doodle - based off of a lame korean shooter.

i’m thinking of doing another youtube speedpaint video.


yeah, her hair is too long, don’t tell me, tell her sister.

I draw sometimes.

I do ponies, anime stuffs, and sometimes anthro.

Some stuff may be a bit weird or nsfw, so consider that.

I'm always open for requests, so drop an ask~! (anon is always on)


you can find me on dA

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