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Congrats to ask-princess-aquashine for being my fan of the month! <3 (went a bit overboard.. o~o;;)

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30minutechallenge - fancy fluttershy

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Northern Lights May Ignite in Mid-Atlantic, Central US Skies: Where to See Rare Show

Stargazers could be in for a rare display Sept. 12 as an Earth-directed solar flare ignites the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, in the United States. As a result of the flare’s direction and strength, the dazzling light display could reach as far south as Maryland in the east and down to Kansas farther west.

friendly reminder that there is a lovely solar flare headed our way so if you’re in the lucky dandy spots you potentially get to see a magical display of lights that i will sadly not be able to witness



hatsune miku


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was recording this really seemingly asian looking miku i was drawing until the recording program crashed when i tried to save. (only like 15 minutes of recording time)

i have yet again lost the beginning footage of a speedpaint i wanted to upload. im vurry frustrated.

Anyone recommend free screen recording software?



rarity with bangs

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I draw sometimes.

I do ponies, anime stuffs, and sometimes anthro.

Some stuff may be a bit weird or nsfw, so consider that.

I'm always open for requests, so drop an ask~! (anon is always on)


you can find me on dA

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