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Papery dreams, it's fo' real.

thing i spent way too long on - inserted a break because there’s a sketch and other things about this picture

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personal drawing- a test to change the horse mouth to make it look less pig-like but ended up with a yoshi snout LOL


Animal Crossing commission for snappyk!!

pinkamena with rock

drawn in tumblr style. (transparent)

aaahskljdkl HELLO! -a little update i suppose-

i knooooooow i haven’t been posting much. haven’t been feeling too amazing. BUT HERE’S A MIDNIGHT DOODLE ! woo~

wasn’t supposed to be fluttershy at first, but whatever. she has red irises i suppose now. make up your own backstory.

i want to start up commissions… maybe bikini horse themed.. ? like get your oc drawn in a bikini playing beach ball or something

also it’s not even the goddamn 4th yet, stop lighting your illegal chinese fireworks holy crap

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teaching myself sai

crap doodle.

was actually drawing something else, but it sucked so i just scrapped it, kept the eyes, changed the hue with sai, and made her into a pony

she kinda looks like younger grannysmith  ?

just a doodle of best pony. 

*whispers she’s transparent!*


audrey pony- mainly for my mother hahaha…

i haven’t been drawing much since i’ve been so uninspired and tired of this hot weather already… still wanna make a commission post

reblogging because i edited it with a full drawing lol

drew this with photoshop instead of sai and it was hecka difficult since i couldn’t manage to draw a straight line since my tablet is so buggy

also eyebrow horse (LOL)

I draw sometimes.

I do ponies, anime stuffs, and sometimes anthro.

Some stuff may be a bit weird or nsfw, so consider that.

I'm always open for requests, so drop an ask~! (anon is always on)


you can find me on dA

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